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Here’s why you haven’t gotten a raise

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If the job market is firing on all cylinders, why are you still not seeing a bump in your paycheck? Employers in the U.S. are hiring, the nation’s unemployment rate is now at a rate considered near normal, and jobs are being filled across a range of industries, but there’s a missing piece of the […]

Here Are The Celebrity Money Mistakes YOU Should Learn From

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We all hear about it when celebrities make money mistakes because they’re often big, expensive, headline-making mistakes.  But what’s the take away for the Average Joe? Lessons learned, below: Pay your taxes When talking about taxes/back taxes/tax evasion, names like Willie Nelson, Leona Helmsley, Marc Anthony, Richard Hatch (remember him from Survivor?) are just a […]

These Personal Finance Tips Prove Father Always Knew Best

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With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday, June 17), here are a few personal finance tips, compliments of “Dad” – mine, and likely yours, too: Start saving early As soon as you get your first job, you should start saving for retirement — ideally, 15% of your gross income every month. Fund an IRA, […]

Here’s Why More And More Millennials Are Moving In With Mom And Dad

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The housing recovery may be well underway, but this recovery is virtually millennial-free. In fact, according to Census Bureau data, from 2006-2011, Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 experienced the largest decline in homeownership rates in the country. We all know the obvious and primary factors behind this decline. These so-called millennials — mostly […]

4 Common Money Mistakes Smart People Make

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Do you make a lot of mistakes when it comes to managing your finances? Here are some of the more foolish things we often do — or don’t do: 1. Not having a budget You can’t begin to manage your finances until you know what’s coming in the door, and what’s going out. You need […]